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payment policy

1. For the payment of the “Business Consulting” Service, we only accept as a form of payment, transfers made through the services offered by the ZELLE and PAYPAL platform. The email you can use to make payments on behalf of JJRB is


2.  For the rest of the services, we accept: debit or credit card, bank transfer, zelle and paypal. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS".


3. The hour (01 hr) or fraction of Thirty Five Minutes (35 min) per consultancy, has a value of $USD 200 (Two Hundred dollars).

4. The scenary of these fees is based on the modalities where:
    a) The person is in Dallas, Texas ( USA).
    b) The person  agree received the consult way online, without matter your physical location.

If you are outside the city of Dallas, Texas, and wish to receive face-to-face business consulting, you must write to us at to quote the service according to your specific situation.


5. It is very important to leave the data and answer all the fields of the form that we place, when scheduling your consultancy.


6. If you choose the ZELLE payment method, please send to our email address  email: the transfer support, indicating the confirmation number of the operation, as well as shown in the example image  that you can see below:

7. JJRB undertakes to issue an invoice for the contracted consultancy, which will be sent to the email address indicated in the form, once confirmed the transfer.


8. A member of TEAM JJRB will contact you to confirm the scheduled consultation.

9. If during the consulting session, the agreed time is extended, you agree to pay a new invoice, for the hour or fraction exceeded.


10. What is paid in the "Business Consulting service" will be taken into account, as an advance, for the acquisition of any other product or service offered by JJRB. This advance will be valid only for 30 business days, counting from the date on which you made the payment for the consultancy.


11. We will not refund services contracted with JJRB. By submitting any payment on our platform, you clearly assume the type of transaction you are making and what you want to obtain with your operation. 

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