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JJRB's comprehensive solutions

Accounting, financial and tax advisory services for various industries

Discover how JJRB offers comprehensive support

To a wide range of sectors, from transportation companies and cleaning services, to clothing stores and marketing agencies, improving their financial efficiency and ensuring their tax compliance.

If you want to know what financial or tax point your business is in, click on our“ USA BUSINESS MAP, so you can do a self-diagnosis


We work in the following industries



Specialized advice for industries focused on the construction area.


Heating, Plumbing, Electricity

We focus on advisory and accounting services, to offer alternatives that allow the optimal development of plans and projects of companies and industries. 

Truck Driving by Lake_edited_edited.jpg

Trucking Company

Support in the accounting and tax management of transportation companies to optimize their operations and comply with industry regulations.


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Receive completely personalized attention directly from our experts. We will help you meet your specific needs and objectives according to the type of industry you belong to.

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